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Bringing life to stories worth telling.

With almost 10 years of collective industry experience, we at TimeCode look to harness our practical passion and time-tested skills to provide an unmatched service to all of our partners across the globe. And whilst our reputation and renown may not be as vast or flashy as many of our peers, our editors have worked on over 150 different projects to date, so we definitely know our way around a script.

We work remotely, which has only helped to further serve our perfected workflow that means we're able to operate at a blistering pace, with unmatched precision, to turn your refined brief into work of art that truly fulfils its potential, and all in a matter of days.

And beyond that, we believe in one thing, above all else.

Crafting remarkable films, in the blink of an eye.



For obvious reasons, we can't share much of our past work in a public setting, as it includes a great deal of internally designated productions, however if you do wish to see a broader mix of our work, then please don't hesitate to get in touch!

Pitch Films

For examples of our pitch film work, we can offer a wide array of promotional videos created to sell clients on new ideas, bolster existing plans or even just inject a little more life into an already stellar pitch.

Case Studies

For examples of our case study work, we can supply films covering company-wide achievements, internal and external rebranding or simply general analysis for fiscal years or productivity.

Brand Films

For examples of our brand film work, we can offer a comprehensive set of examples ranging from company rebrands and corporate repositioning to industry-wide shifts and innovations.  

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